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Behold, the most terrifying clip you’ll watch this Halloween season

They live. (Photo: TPG/Getty Images)

Get ready for the most terrifying thing you’ll see this Halloween season. In a clip that’s been making the rounds on Facebook, a chirping, nail-art-sporting woman is seen hand feeding what must be literally hundreds—nay, thousands—of raccoons living beneath her porch. The results are truly terrifying, with the raccoons all wiggling their little, human-like hands around through the porch slats, trying to snag the nuggets of dog food left out for them. Here, just watch:

It’s hard to say what makes it so terrifying, but rest assured that it is. It’s like the garbage equivalent of a zombie movie, because you know these raccoons would use their spindly fingers to dig into and eat a human’s brain if only they were given the chance.


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