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Behold, the man who crushes his nuts while crossing his legs

Great comedy can rely on extraordinary wit, cutting satire, or elaborately choreographed slapstick. People spend their entire lives devoted to this craft, working tirelessly to perfect the nearly ineffable art of making others laugh.

And now, to spit in the face of their work, here’s the funniest thing we’ve seen in ages: a six-second clip of an old man who crosses his legs and crushes his balls on live TV.


The video, brought to the internet by @EddieSteak, is a master class in unintentional physical comedy. Sitting down at a live panel, the man swings one leg over the other as he must have done a million times before. Without any explanation—or even sound—required, we know exactly what has happened when he throws his head back in silent agony then immediately attempts a nonchalant recovery, bravely adjusting his pant legs while, we assume, waves of intense nausea stab at his groin and ripple deep within his guts.

Making matters worse, the poor bastard seems to have been attending a national morning show organized by Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador.


If all of this wasn’t enough, the public nature of one of history’s most famous nut-crushings has captured the internet’s attention to the point that fan art, like the piece below by @Akeman_, is already being created to commemorate the excruciating moment.


Bless this unfortunate man and his unfortunate balls. He experienced pain to bring the world joy. We will honor him always.

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