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Behold the glory of the “Spielberg Face”

Years ago, a reader of ESPN’s Bill Simmons’ columns wrote in about the “Manning Face,” a look of confusion, frustration, and disgust displayed by quarterback Peyton Manning every time something went wrong on the field which, given Manning’s strive for perfection from teammates, was often, a look inherited by his younger brother Eli, also an NFL quarterback. Now, one eagle-eye filmgoer has found its cinematic opposite: the “Spielberg Face.” Defined by Matt Patches of UGO, the “Spielberg Face” is described like so:

When a character looks up and catches something unexpected, that's the face. When a character watches something otherworldly take place in front of their eyes, that's the face. When a character stares outward, mouth slightly agape and has a revelation that will change them forever, that's the face.


Fandor’s Kevin Lee then took up the task of finding all the examples he could of the “Spielberg Face” and created the below video, one of the most slack-jawed, sparkly-eyed supercuts ever made as well as something akin to a master’s thesis. (No word if the video will be updated to include any instances in the upcoming Spielberg films War Horse and The Adventures of Tin Tin.)  So cast your eyes in wonder upon the glory of this collection of awe-inspiring gazes. [via SlashFilm]

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