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Behold the destruction of the Millennium Falcon (in Lego form)

It’s Star Wars Week here at The A.V. Club, and luckily there is no dearth to the amount of Star Wars-related content on the internet. While most people use Lego to build and create moments from the saga, including the reimagined trailers for The Force Awakens, others are more on the dark side of The Force and only wish to see pain and suffering. For those types, Wired has produced a video that will sate their destructive appetites.

The Wired staff spent four hours constructing the 1,329 piece Lego Millennium Falcon. Painstakingly putting in all of the parts and characters, making sure the holochess board is built to scale to the movies’ layouts and the Lego instructions. Then, in less than a second, it was decimated when it met up with the surface of Jakku (the other desert planet that’s been featured in all of the Force Awakens trailers). It’s oddly hypnotic and enjoyable to watch the ship that made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs get completely obliterated by a bunch of sand. There’s no clue whether or not this scene will be replicated in the new Star Wars film, but if it is hopefully it’ll be accompanied by some old time radio broadcast voice decrying “Oh the humanity!” as it burns up.

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