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Behold: a trailer for a Russian action movie starring an armored bear with machine guns

Screenshot: Guardians Final Trailer (2017)

The trailer for the incredible-looking Russian superhero movie Guardians is here, complete with jokes about Borsht and an armored bear who carries machine guns. The plot follows a team of superheroes who were assembled during the Cold War but had to go into hiding until they were called upon by the government to actually fight. The team is only now called upon to stop a supervillain from destroying Russia.

We tend to think of superheroes as American, but Russia’s cinematic take on it has a strong nationalistic message. The film directed by Sarik Andreasyan reflects some of the national pride felt during Soviet Russia and invokes the feeling that only these USSR-strong superheroes can save their country. The assemblage of superheroes is even called “Patriot” to reflect more of their nationalism. Can this ragtag squad of superheroes Make Russia Great Again?


The movie is set to be released on February 23 in Russia, and probably shortly thereafter in Trump’s America, where the armored bear patriot will be a dear ally.

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