Star Trek

Who knew that Star Trek could provide so much footage to go along with William Shatner’s version of “Common People?” Evidently YouTube user LordRicco666 did, as he edited a video using many episodes of the original series and the cover of the Pulp song from Shatner’s 2004 album, Has Been. With this montage, the ode to slumming it becomes a rockin’ captain’s log full of bedded alien beauties, fun times with the crew of the ship, and the occasional heavy-handed metaphor for some societal topic.

The video is more fun than a game of 3D chess, with lots of cameos from fan favorites (the Gorn captain! Harry Mudd! Khaaaaaaaaaaan!) along with appropriate moments that illustrate the lyrics. It’s a fun tune and a great overview of iconic moments from the series, blended together like a horrible transporter accident.