The Internet seems to have a new life size or intricately detailed Lego sculpture every other day but this one blows all of those away (literally, if Lego has also developed a special piece that could withstand the heat needed to fire a laser cannon). A Lego model shop in Kladno, Czech Republic won the world record for creating the largest Lego sculpture with its 44-foot wide Star Wars X-Wing ship. The craft required the work of 32 "master builders" who took over 17,000 man-hours to put together all 5,335,200 bricks by hand. The massive sculpture recently made an appearance in New York's Times Square and is headed to Legoland California where it will stay on display through the rest of 2013, according to Wired. That faint moaning sound you just heard is the world's Lego and Star Wars enthusiasts having a collective orgasm. [via Neatorama]