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Behold, a catalog of ways live news broadcasts can go horribly awry

Screenshot: YouTube

Local TV news is a weird mix of faux-sober journalistic seriousness and enforced banter. Sometimes the subjects are gathered around a table of flowers and mimosas, other times they’re freewheeling in front of a green screen. This fifteen-minute mix of live-TV news bloopers from 2016 is a catalog of the strange ways these broadcasts can break down: lame sexual innuendo, misbehaving animals, off-sync interviewees, and “news of the weird” subjects that probably should just not be on the news.

The best moments are weirdly illustrative of human behavior, like the guy at 1:47 attempting to earnestly dog his coworker and in the process revealing that he is an awful human, or the the little kid at 7:30 explaining in blood-cold detail how he shot an intruder, or the news anchor 12 minutes in transitioning from a poop joke to a terrorist attack while still fighting off fits of the giggles. It’s a surprisingly tight 15 minutes of live-broadcast breakdowns, proving, as always, that local TV news is the worst.


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