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Behind-the-scenes footage confirms that Alien: Covenant will be extremely gory

Screenshot: Alien Covenant's Armor, Weapons, And Blood Effects!

Alien: Covenant comes out May 19, promising a step away from the broader sci-fi mythos of Prometheus in favor of a darker, more visceral take on the time-honored story of humans having shit jump out of their stomachs that then kill them. All of the movies in the series are noteworthy for their stylized gore, from Ridley Scott’s sinister minimalism in the original to Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s over-the-top take in Alien: Resurrection, and so at the very least this newest entry should feature some absolutely state-of-the-art blood, guts, guns, and other shit like that. Tested’s Adam Savage went to the set to check it all out, and he has confirmed: Yes, there’s going to be guns and a shitload of gore in this movie.

Interestingly, most of the weaponry is based on real-world firearms, meaning there probably won’t be anything as instantly recognizable as the walker in Aliens or any of the series’ recurring, ad hoc blowtorches. It’s more worth watching for Savage’s conversation with the armorer, who knows a perhaps-predictably large amount about the history of gun safety in movies. (Factoid: Nobody held pistols with two hands before the 1960s.) Then Savage visits the emporium of gore, which houses black blood for the alien antagonist, milky white blood for the androids, and plenty of red blood for humans. One character was called upon to vomit seven pints of it in one scene, but the blood guy doesn’t say who, or if that scene made it into the movie. Here’s hoping it’s Danny McBride, improvising profanities as he does so.


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