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Behind-the-scenes Breaking Bad video confirms that Breaking Bad is a TV show and they're making more of it

Illustration for article titled Behind-the-scenes emBreaking Bad/em video confirms that emBreaking Bad/em is a TV show and theyre making more of it

Playing off of his recent "leaks" regarding Breaking Bad's July return date and splitting its final chapter in half—neither of which have been officially confirmed yet—Bryan Cranston appears in the below behind-the-scenes video pretending to offer you a sneaky look at what's happening during the filming of the fifth season. And as you'll see, you don't actually see anything, with Cranston teasing that an important plot point is unfolding just off camera, but providing little else to go on other than the contextual clue that it's happening on a residential street. Look out, owners of residences! There's also Aaron Paul's assertion that the upcoming batch of episodes is "hands down the craziest," which is bold yet vague and lacking in the specificity of, say, a Taiwanese animator's fever dream. So basically, nothing to see here, except for visual confirmation that they're hard at work on making more Breaking Bad—but we'd be lying if we said we didn't find that plenty exciting in itself. [via EW]


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