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Before leaving The Daily Show, Jessica Williams tries to reason with Bernie supporters

(Screengrab: The Daily Show)

Jessica Williams wrapped up her four-year stint on The Daily Show last night with a hilarious yet infuriating field piece that was true to form. Williams joined the nightly fake-news show in February 2012, when she and fellow TDS alum Samantha Bee followed President Barack Obama’s final campaign. So it was appropriate (and poignant) for Williams to take her leave of the show with a piece that makes the previous presidential race look rather reasonable in comparison.


Williams sits down with a group of Bernie Sanders supporters who are prepared to vote for Donald Trump, because “Bernie Or Bust” wasn’t just a hashtag. The “focus group” describes Clinton as a scam artist and “stack of garbage,” but shows a little more restraint in calling out Trump’s racism. Of course, they’re not defending the bigoted billionaire—it’s just more important to insult Clinton. When Williams tries to get them to see that they’re cutting off their noses to spite their faces, the discussion devolves to literal shit talking.

Following the segment, host Trevor Noah and the remaining Daily Show correspondents bid Williams farewell, while also begging for her office. She won’t be going far, though—she’s moving on to star in a pilot about a “politically-minded young woman,” but it’s being developed by Comedy Central.

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