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Beep beep, Mothertrucker's coming through

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You ever just fall in love at first sight? Like, there you are, living your life, making your way through the world, and then suddenly you see that a film called Mothertrucker has gone into production, and everything justchanges?

Not just a movie, either; Deadline reports today that essayist Amy Butcher will soon be launching a new memoir of the same name—about her friendship with a 50-year-old Instagram star/“Ice Road” trucker—which will then be turned into a movie by Transparent’s Jill Soloway and Julianne Moore. The film will center on a fictionalized version of Butcher—whose first book was another memoir, about a friend convicted of murdering someone—as she hangs out with “Joy Mothertrucker” (Moore), one of the only women to ever drive some of the hardest trucking routes in all of America.

In a tragic note, the real-life basis for the character, Joy Wiebe—who Butcher rode with a few years ago, and who posted on Instagram as @AlaskaMotherTruckerdied while performing the job last year, when her truck went off the road. Butcher was reportedly already writing a book about her experiences with Wiebe at the time of her death.


This is the second big film project that Soloway—who will soon be bringing Transparent to a close—has launched in recent months; they’re also reportedly working on the Red Sonja adaptation for Millennium Films 

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