Do you have a void that can only be filled with some sweet animation that draws from ‘90s slackerdom, ‘80s video games, Japanese anime, and an overall sense of abundant joy? Good news! Bee And PuppyCat has returned, this time as a full series

Bee And PuppyCat is the brainchild of Natasha Allegri, the former Adventure Time writer and artist who created the gender-swapped Fionna and Cake. It features the misadventures of Bee, a chronically unemployable and incredibly enthusiastic twentysomething, and PuppyCat, some sort of interdimensional being that suddenly finds himself living with Bee. The duo take on temp jobs from PuppyCat’s otherworldly employers, where they end up battling monsters with badass sword fights and an emotionally affecting story.


The pilot episode of Bee And PuppyCat debuted in August 2013 and was very well received. It now has almost 4 million views:

After people responded positively to the weird-but-incredibly-lovable partners, Allegri launched a Kickstarter to fund more episodes of the show. That Kickstarter was hugely successful, leading to the production of nine more episodes. The first two debuted last night and are now available for viewing on YouTube:

Bee And PuppyCat shares many of its sensibilities with Adventure Time: slang that feels completely made up yet makes total sense, a balance of emotional resonance with interesting action set pieces, a slapdash of pure oddity, and lots of hilarious asides—especially from the always curmudgeonly PuppyCat. The series’ first episodes expand the universe of the show, fleshing out more supporting characters while showing how juvenile Bee( barely) functions in adult society. All this plus talking sassy insects and a weird monster-animal rocking a leather jacket—what more could you ask for?