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Become udder-ly enamored with Eve, the cow in Kelly Reichardt's First Cow

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Every year we seem to get a handful of vaguely menacing profiles about breakout Hollywood actors and actresses, usually touting their arrival into our cultural zeitgeist by warning us that “America is not ready” for this caliber of talent, mystique, and/or sheer hotness. Often, the individual is overhyped, but look, we’ve got a good feeling about 2020's newcomer. Everyone, please meet 2020's It-Girl: Eve—the titular (teatular?) bovine star of First Cow, the new film from Kelly Reichardt.

“She is a very fine cow,” Reichardt assured GQ in their oddball write-up of Eve (Evie to her friends) and her debut acting role alongside costars John Magaro and Orion Lee. First Cow apparently tells the story of a pair of outcasts in early nineteenth-century Oregon who come to rely on the milk of—you guessed it—one of the first cows to be imported into that region of North America. GQ writes that it’s “a tender and moving portrait of an unlikely bond between two outsiders, the intimacy of their relationship contrasted against the austere and unforgiving frontier setting,” which, okay, sold.


Evie, it turns out, was an absolute doll to work with, and very down-to-earth for a farm animal. “Behind the scenes, Eve was known for being sociable and popular,” Gabriella Paiella writes in her profile, assuring us she was most certainly “not a diva.” The whole profile is worth a read, if only to get the jump on the cow everyone will most certainly be talking about around the water cooler in the coming weeks.

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