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Become a puppet for the Pernice Brothers and get your own private concert

For those who wonder what it'd be like if Bert and Ernie had grown up to join the indie-rock game, Pernice Brothers leader Joe Pernice and his manager/label head Joyce Linehan have been appearing on the band's website in puppet form in Pernice To Me, a Jim Henson-esque chronicle of their screwy interactions. The puppetry of the Pernices is set to go one step further, though, with a contest announced this evening: The band will make a puppet based on a chosen fan's likeness, and, with the band also in puppet form, perform a concert just for it. ("Grudge Fuck" just begs to be sung by and for bouncy little foam-people.) According to the contest page, "After the concert, the puppet likeness of the winner will be flown, all expenses paid on United State Postal Service Airlines, to the home of the person whose likeness it bears, at which point, we are no longer responsible for him/her/it."


Pernice To Me: LBJ (ep. 104) from Ashmont Records on Vimeo.

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