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Since the dawn of Beck time, the multi-instrumentalist songwriter has generally operated in two distinct modes: Acoustic, melancholy Beck, and weirdo dance party Beck. His last album, 2013’s Morning Phase, was a gloomy example of the former. But apparently he’s gotten some sun and maybe watched a few cute videos of cats riding on Roombas since then, because Beck’s feeling a lot sillier on his new single, “Wow.”

So silly, in fact, that some of the verses—yup, this is a hip-hop track—sound straight off of a Flight Of The Conchords record, complete with references “Lamborghini Shih Tzus.” But Beck’s been in the silly wordplay business for more than two decades now, and the track plays like something off of Midnite Vultures, updated for the airhorn-and-emoji loving Coachella generation.


You can see the lyric video for “Wow” below; Beck’s new, as-yet-untitled new record is due on October 21.

[via Pitchfork]

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