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Illustration for article titled Beck had a very Beck-ish response to that Kanye West thing from The Grammys

Beck seems like a guy who would have a hard time getting riled up about anything. If he were at a grocery store to pick up a couple of turntables and a microphone and some guy bumped into him, causing one of his trademark Beck Hats to fall onto the ground, he probably wouldn’t even scream in the guy’s face. He’d just pick his Beck Hat up and say something totally chill like, “It’s cool, man. No worries.” In fact, Beck is so chill that even Kanye West rushing the stage at the Grammys and complaining about the show’s lack of real artists just rolls right off his trademark Beck Hat.


Variety asked Beck about Kanye half-pretending to interrupt his Grammy speech at Elton John’s Oscar party—because why the hell not?—and his response was as Beck as it gets: “I think the whole thing is…it’s just one of those things that plays out, like a top that spins. I really just try and not take it personally.” In other words, “It’s cool, man. No worries.” The whole incident didn’t even diminish how great Kanye West is in Beck’s eyes—which should be great for West’s fragile ego—with him also telling Variety, “Just when I think all the good songs that have been written already…someone goes and does something…and Kanye has done that many times.”

Maybe it’s all of that Scientology magic that’s keeping Beck so laid-back? Or maybe his trademark Beck Hats have a reverse-Frosty The Snowman effect, and they make him less prone to dance around? We’re not going to recommend that Kanye West give Scientology a try—he’s far too powerful for that—but he should probably invest in some stylish hats.

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