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Because there’s no better time for it, an Idiocracy tour is in the works

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Americans have worried about the extent to which life has imitated the art of Mike Judge’s Idiocracy pretty much since the satire premiered in 2006, which was three years after Jackass’ Steve-O stapled his scrotum to his leg onstage. But with sentient Simpsons gag Donald Trump out there confusing convenience with tragedy in a bid for the presidency, and a real-life Ow! My Balls hitting primetime, the movie has never seemed so prescient. And with the film’s 10th anniversary looming, Judge is reportedly considering taking his anti-intellectualism show on the road.


That’s according to a Collider interview with Maya Rudolph, who played prostitute and world’s smartest woman Rita in the film. Rudolph claims she’s been constantly asked about Idiocracy in the ten years since its release, so she’s pitched “a road trip or something and then show the movie and talk about it on the anniversary of it.” The actress, who was out stumping for the Angry Birds Moviewhich is no Ass, but is still based off a game which primarily involves shooting birds at things, so you know, grain of salt—says she expected to be much older before seeing any of the film’s events come to pass, but that hasn’t been the case. Judge has been involved in the process, which Rudolph says they’re “working [it] out, we’re figuring it out. We’d better hurry up on it though,” because the future is now, after all.

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