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In news that threatens to flood the Internet with Frankenstein metaphors and “back from the dead” puns, TV Guide reports that former Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me showrunner Bryan Fuller is getting a second chance at remaking The Munsters. It’s like Fuller and the network that originally passed on his revamp, NBC, are filled with, er, some kind of maniacal hubris that makes them think they can defeat mortality by stitching together their own version of The Munsters out of buzzwords like “gritty” and “origin story,” all of which had the life drained out of them long ago? (Sorry—we blew Newswire’s stock of prime horror-based wordplay on that Tales From The Crypt post a while back.) Either way, in the event that today’s Twilight-reared youth tire of the lacrosse-and-lycanthropy drama of MTV’s Teen Wolf (or CBS’ new, logic-rending Bewitched) they could fill that “updated supernatural properties of decades past” void in their lives with Fuller’s Munsters and its previously unprecedented insight as to how a Frankenstein fucking a Dracula produces a baby wolfman.


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