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Because hell is real, David Spade invites Rob Schneider to reprise his worst SNL character

Rob Schneider
Screenshot: Lights Out With David Spade

David Spade has a new late-night talk show, thanks to Comedy Central, where Spade can essentially do a heavily Kardashian-flavored Hollywood Minute and schmooze for 20 minutes a night. An while the cast of Barry (Bill Hader, Henry Winkler, D’Arcy Carden, and—via dismissively funny cell phone call—Stephen Root) were reliably charming and entertaining goofing on their host on Monday’s Lights Out With David Spade, the real showstopper (in the sense of hitting the “stop” button on devices all across the land) was an appearance by Spade’s fellow Saturday Night Livebad boy,” Rob Schneider, doggedly bringing back one Richard Laymer into our lives.

Surely that name leaps out to fans of mid-90s SNL recurring characters that were mildly amusing conceptually for 30 seconds and then increasingly insufferable, edging into soul-crushing. If not, then perhaps—and sorry for this— “The Richmeister” will make you break out a Liz Lemon-worthy eye-roll. Yes, that “Makin’ copies” guy is back, and David Spade is responsible. Well, Schneider, too, of course, who, one can only assume, is still catchphrase-bombing anyone within earshot when not ineptly trolling civil rights heroes in his quest to claim the title of Most Insufferably Right-Wing SNL alum. (Spade’s already had Dennis Miller on, so wait by your phone, Victoria Jackson.)


As for the sketch itself, there was a fair amount of wall-breaking ball-busting, what with both men being in their 50s rehashing one of SNL’s most infamously irritating recurring bits. (That’s a tight horserace, certainly, but history will bear the Richmesiter out.) The joke is that Schneider’s office pest is well past his expiration date, what with #MeToo and his schtick having worn bare halfway through its first quarter-century-ago iteration. Which doesn’t explain why we needed another entire two minutes of it to remind us. The anti-vaxxinator, the conspiracy kook-o-rama, etc.

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