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Once Upon A Time creators Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, who just debuted their not-so-Amazing Stories reboot with Apple, will soon have their way with another bit of IP, this time for Disney+. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the pair are teaming up with Josh Gad for a six-part Beauty And The Beast prequel series about Gad’s LeFou and his jerkwad bestie, Gaston. Luke Evans, who starred with Gad in the 2017 reboot, will reprise his role as the egotistical heartthrob, who will now be given an opportunity to show us who hurt him.

If this sounds unnecessary and opportunistic, comfort yourself in the fact that original Beauty And The Beast composer Alan Menken is also in talks to return for the “musical event,” which will presumably feature new tunes. Per THR, it will take place “well before the events of the film and also expand the Beauty And The Beast universe,” meaning we’ll probably meet the talking clock’s dad or some shit. And though Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, the remake’s titular beauty and beast, aren’t confirmed to return, sources tell THR that it’s not out of the question. Get that money, kids.


Gad, it appears, will be heavily involved in the story, executive producing and serving as a writer and showrunner alongside Kitsis and Horowitz. The pair apparently cooked up the idea as they were working on that Muppets Take Manhattan follow-up Disney scrapped last year, and it should fit nicely with the streamer’s upcoming extensions of Monsters, Inc., The Mighty Ducks, and The Sandlot.

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