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Beautiful compilation showcases the works of Stanley Kubrick

The Shining

During his 70 years on Earth, Stanley Kubrick made 13 films. It may not seem like that many (heck, it seems like Takashi Miike makes that many in a given year), but they are each classics in their own right and hold within them indelible images, unforgettable characters, and classic lines of dialogue. In honor of the filmmaker’s movies, Vimeo user SomersetVII has put together a beautiful montage of some of the more haunting moments from those films that highlight Kubrick’s mastery of the medium.

Pulling clips from all 11 films, SomersetVII creates a hypnotic portrait of Kubrick’s filmography that will have viewers wishing to revisit the source material all over again. It’s a truly elegant piece of work that simply lets the films and their frames do the talking and underscores how talented Kubrick truly was.


KUBRICK from somersetVII on Vimeo.

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