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Beatles Rock Band looks amazing

Paul Mc Cartney and Ringo Starr (along with the widows of John Lennon and George Harrison) stopped by the Electronic Entertainment Expo in L.A. yesterday to promote MTV Games’ Beatles-branded edition of the hugely popular Rock Band video game. Along with the release date of Sept. 9, the press conference confirmed 10 of the 45 songs that will be included in the game, which can be heard in this demo of the game:


(For those of you who can’t play video, the songs previewed are: “I Saw Her Standing There,” “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” “I Feel Fine,” “Daytripper,” “Taxman,” “I Am The Walrus,” “Back In The U.S.S.R.,” “Octopus’ Garden,” “Here Comes The Sun,” and “Get Back.”)

IGN has other footage of the game, including this eye-popping official trailer:

Pretty badass. We were excited for this game to begin with, but this made us whip out the red Sharpie and frantically circle Sept. 9 on the ol’ calendar.

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