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Beastie Boys announce career-spanning album with humorously straightforward name

The Beastie Boys in 2004
The Beastie Boys in 2004
Photo: Frank Micelotta (Getty Images)

Earlier this year, Apple TV+ released Beastie Boys Story, a movie about the legendary hip-hop trio that was, unfortunately, a lot less fun than it seemed like it should’ve been. Before that was Beastie Boys Book, a comically massive tome that went in the total other direction, evoking the ridiculous spirit of the Beastie Boys rather than trying to tell a cohesive story. Now, the Boys have announced another companion piece that seems like it should do an even better job capturing what Beastie Boys music is and was all about… because it’s just a collection of Beastie Boys music called Beastie Boys Music.

According to a press release, the album will include 20 songs from across the entire Beastie Boys library, meaning it has pretty much any Beastie Boys song that the average person will want to hear. Oh sure, there will be some deep cuts left out, but that’s why this is just Beastie Boys Music and not All Beastie Boys Music. The album might not have everything you want, but you can’t deny that it includes exactly what it says on the label. Have we spent far too much time talking about the name of this album? Probably, but it is just really good.

The full tracklist of Beastie Boys Music is below, and it will be available on October 23.

So What’Cha Want”
Paul Revere”
Shake Your Rump”
Make Some Noise”
Sure Shot”
Ch-Check It Out”
Fight For Your Right”
Pass The Mic”
Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win”
Body Movin’”
Hold It Now, Hit It”
Root Down”
Brass Monkey”
Get It Together”
“Jimmy James”
Hey Ladies”
No Sleep Till Brooklyn”

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