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Bear won’t fuck with clown

Screenshot: RM Videos/YouTube

Man fears bear. Bear does not fear man. Then how, one might ask, does man keep a hungry bear from rooting around in his trash can? Well, what does everything under God’s sun fear?


Fed up with bears rooting around in the trash, one enterprising citizen went to the source of all fear by placing a tall, terrifying clown doll next to the trash. Security footage captures the bear warily inspecting it; it’s clearly perturbed, but the siren song of that garbage is simply too enticing. Once it touches the can, however, the clown comes to horrific life, deadlights glowing in its eyes as a cackle fit for the antichrist pierces the empty night. The bear, presumably, retreated into a hibernation rife with nightmares.


Clearly, that bear has seen the latest It trailer.

[via Boing Boing]


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