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Bear witness to the political process with this long-running livestream of an empty room

In the rare cases when a governing body concedes to the people’s demand for more transparency, the lifting of the veil of secrecy is often followed by the shocking realization that real government work is incredibly slow and incredibly boring. The dull and unsatisfying nature of modern bureaucracy is probably best summed up in this live stream of an empty town hall in Cromwell, Connecticut, which has been giving the citizens of Cromwell an intimate look at absolutely nothing, 24 hours a day, since September of last year. Behold, your tax dollars at work in an empty room:

The Town Of Cromwell Meeting live stream hasn’t captured the hearts and minds of the public the way an intersection in Jackson Hole, Wyoming once did, likely because watching paint dry in a government building isn’t nearly as thrilling as waiting to see a red truck or a bus. But, according to Boing Boing, a Reddit user claims to have “caught two full room meetings in progress since it was posted,” which they described as “an unfunny Parks And Recreation.”


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