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Bear Grylls, a man who seeks out adventure and variety in everything except the descriptions of his millions of TV shows, is once again venturing into the wilderness to demonstrate how hard survival is for people who aren’t Bear Grylls. This time, the former Man Vs. Wild host is working with Britain’s ITV for Mission Survive, a reality show in which celebrities compete to avoid elimination and become the “Mission Survivor,” a title that comes with a lifetime supply of snake milk and all the pee they can drink.

If that premise sounds even more familiar than usual, it’s because Grylls hosted a similarly famous-people-intensive series, Running Wild With Bear Grylls, just last year on NBC. There, he subjected celebrities like Ben Stiller and Tom Arnold to a two-day course in the magic of Gryllsology. Mission Survive will push things even further, adding an elimination component and challenging eight as-yet-unnamed celebrities to survive for 12 days in the Central American rainforest, with nothing but their wits, Grylls’ survival skills, and a small horde of off-camera personal assistants and camera people to keep them alive.


There’s no word yet on when the show will debut, but we do have a teaser trailer, in which Grylls proves his manly bona fides by standing near the edge of a hill while mumbling about survival and heroism. That should tide you over until it airs.

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