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Beach Houses’a latest record, Depression Cherry, was released less than two months ago, so fans probably weren’t expecting another one any time soon. But that’s exactly what they’re getting, as the band made this surprise announcement this afternoon:

We are releasing our 6th full length LP on October 16th!!! It’s called Thank Your Lucky Stars. More info soon…..

— Beach House (@BeaccchHoussse) October 7, 2015

Besides the title and release date, all we know about the album so far—also via Twitter—is that Thank Your Lucky Stars is not a companion to Depression Cherry, not a collection of B-sides, and, despite its sudden appearance on the scene, not a surprise. This last caveat apparently refers to the lack of advance press copies for the album, with the band saying, “Just [sic] becuz we didn’t send the record to press 6 months before its release does not make it a surprise” before adding, “We only wanted to release a record in a new way after doing it one way for so long, not a dis or manifesto of any kind, just experimentin’.” Stereogum, for its part, has been digging into the Depression Cherry website to find clues about the new record, and has found lyric sheets for these nine songs:

1. “Marjorette”
2. “She’s So Lovely”
3. “All Your Yeahs”
4. “One Thing”
5. “Common Girl”
6. “The Traveller”
7. “Elegy To The Void”
8. “Rough Song”
9. “Somewhere Tonight”


We’ll find out if that track list is accurate when Thank Your Lucky Stars is released next Friday.