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Beach Bunny decries "dumb boy talk" in the video for "Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)"

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Photo: Alexa Vicious

Chicago pop-rock outfit Beach Bunny rang in 2020 with Honeymoon, a sugary blast of horned-up angst that grows more layered with every replay. They’ll storm into 2021 in similar fashion with Blame Game, a four-track EP written in quarantine and recorded over an August weekend. Fiercer than its predecessor, it takes aim at “toxic masculinity, sexism, and the emotional labor of unreliable relationships” against arrangements that push the boundaries of the band’s starry jangle.

That edge is evident in brassy lead single “Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)“, both in Lili Trifilio’s emphatic vocals and a video that finds her bossing around a host of lovestruck hunks. Watch it below:

Accompanying the announcement is a neat racing browser game on the band’s website that features an 8-bit version of the song. That should keep you plenty busy ahead of The Blame Game’s January 15 release.

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