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Be the star of your Game Of Thrones viewing party by cooking up a vat of pig’s blood

Screenshot: YouTube

We’re always looking for excuses to help explain why the denizens of Westeros are so violent and fucked up. Is it something in the air? Just good old-fashioned medieval morality? Maybe it’s something in the food? Much has been made of the cuisine of the fictional land, which George R. R. Martin describes in rich, loving detail throughout the series, and which the ongoing TV show recreates with the same visual flair it does everything else. And, while interested parties could go out and get something like the series’ official cookbook, this short video from Binging With Babish lets you get a reasonable taste for what constructing that food might entail. Short version: It’s a lot.

Just as the books use food as a metaphor for class and violence, so too is the food itself outrageously indulgent, from a pigeon-, rabbit-, and boar-stuffed pie to a pig-blood-filled Dothraki pie. Basically, it’s meat pies all around. If you’ve got a lot of time and the desire to stuff yourself like a power-mad warrior-king, you could do a lot worse.


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