The American evangelical movement lends itself to satire, but megachurch culture has reached a new low as prominent religious leaders bend over backwards to deify Trump while preaching in $4,000 sneakers. Thank god, then, for The Righteous Gemstones, an HBO satire from the Eastbound & Down and Vice Principals team that mines comedy and fury from a clan of prosperity televangelists.

John Goodman and Workaholics’ Adam Devine join co-creator Danny McBride as the three figureheads of the Gemstone family, with Vice Principals’ Edi Patterson, Smallville’s Cassidy Freeman, and Drunk History alum Tim Baltz filling out their orbit. Ego runs amok in the below trailer, in which the superficially holy and morally corrupt trio strive for power before a salvation-hungry congregation.

The Righteous Gemstones, which will also feature Walton Goggins looking like this, premieres this August on HBO.