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Be like Connor and do not take this shit

Screenshot: Twitter

Today is a national tragedy, as a person who did not want the presidency and was not voted into office by a majority of the population is nonetheless assuming the role. He ascends to this position not because of a life spent in public service but because of his very lack thereof. It is a life defined, instead, by racism, fear-mongering, xenophobia, sexual assault, failure, reality television, thirsty overtures to the global elite, “Twitter beef,” and shitty steaks. Today is a national tragedy.

So we should all be like Connor, the take-no-shit star thus far of the anti-Trump movement. A Fox News anchor earnestly attempting to report on a small fire started at a protest sticks his microphone in young Connor’s face, and the apple-cheeked lad lets him know that a) he is a goddamn one-man revolution, and b) his name is not Carter.


Take to the streets, when and if able, with the spirit of Connor alive in your heart.


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