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Be gone, foul ice demons, for the mashup jam of the summer is already here

Don’t present your chapped, greyish nude body as a sacrifice to the capricious gods of ice and snow just yet, Internet. Hope is real. Spring winds are blowing (from Germany of all places) in the form of this amusing mashup from electronic musician Nils. Nils specializes in the art of the mashup, but this particular concoction gets to the next level thanks to video work by Nils’ fellow mashup artistes FOAS.

“Never Gonna Wake Up” combines Rick Astley’s all-time trolling classic “Never Gonna Give You Up” with Swedish DJ Avicii’s “Wake Me Up”, with some Chumbawamba thrown in for good measure.  Add clips from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Scrubs, Saturday Night Fever, and Michael (seriously, when’s the last time you thought about Michael?) to the mix, and you’ve got the most infectious thing since that upper respiratory infection that everyone in your office is still trying to get rid of.

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