Our friends over at Rock For Kids raise lots of money all year 'round to help underserved children get musical educations. (And no, that doesn't mean playing them Rolling Stones records for an hour and serving punch.) When they asked us if they could auction off an A.V. Club experience, we were slightly skeptical: Hanging out with us isn't nearly as cool as guitar lessons from Jeff Tweedy. (I made that one up, but you get the gist.) Anyway, long story long: We said yes, and there's an eBay auction running right now to BE AN HONORARY TASTE TESTER. That's right, the winner of the auction and a guest will be invited to Taste Test Labs (at a mutually agreeable date and time) to join us for a sampling and take a peek into our world. (And meet Chang.) We'll even let the winner decide if he/she wants to eat something potentially gross or probably tasty. The auction ends December 23, and all proceeds go to Rock For Kids. (And for the record, I think the buy-it-now price of $500 is crazy, too. But it's for the kids! Won't somebody please think of the children?)