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BBC announces new Doctor Who spinoff

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The BBC announced that it’s developing a new, young-adult-focused spinoff of its long-running and massively popular sci-fi series Doctor Who. Titled Class, the series will issue forth from the pen of multiple Carnegie Medal-winning author Patrick Ness, whose books—which include Monsters Of Men and A Monster Calls—often focus on fantastical beasts, the telling of stories, and the occasional bout of tear-jerking sadness, placing them directly in Doctor Who’s “weeping and werewolves” wheelhouse.


Class would be the third spinoff of the modern Doctor Who, with previous efforts including sex-monster grim-romp Torchwood, and the youth-oriented The Sarah Jane Adventures. Details about the new show are light at the moment, but the BBC has revealed it’ll take place at Coal Hill School, the setting of the very first Doctor Who episode from 1963. (The school was also recently featured in several episodes of last year’s Peter Capaldi-starring season.) Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat will executive produce alongside Ness, with the pair presumably hoping to tap into the current young-adult juggernaut currently sweeping through all forms of media past, present, and future.

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