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BBC America to present us with a Luther special in December

(Image: BBC America)

You can forget about that made-in-America Luther show—well, it’s still getting made, probably, but you can set your concerns about it aside for about three hours this December. Collider reports that BBC America will air a Luther special next month. And chew on this: He’ll be hunting a cannibalistic serial killer. (We apologize in advance if we’ve inadvertently upset any Fannibals).

Idris Elba is reprising his role as the DCI who’s been MIA from the force until he’s paid a visit by a couple of fellow detectives—including one played by Game Of Thrones’ Rose Leslie, who could mock a stumped Luther at some point. He’s lured back to London and set on the trail of a serial killer who’s eating parts of his victims along the way. Naturally, Luther will be “dogged at every turn by ghosts from his past,” even though he’s now navigating the world sans Alice Morgan.


Knowing how long we’ve been waiting to catch up with Luther, BBC America is foregoing the planned miniseries format and airing the two episodes in a single night, the better to gorge ourselves with. Look for it on December 17.

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