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BBC America to film more Planet Earth and Frozen Planet, you know, while those things are still around

You know, we’re gonna miss this glorious, majestic crap.
Photo: Chadden Hunter (BBC America)

Presumably operating on the grounds that we should shove as much of the planet’s natural resources and diverse wildlife into a hard drive while we still can, BBC America announced this week that it’s once again poking Sir David Attenborough to wake up and gamely narrate over some new seasons of its hit docuseries Planet Earth and Frozen Planet.

Specifically, the network announced the semi-imminent arrival of Planet Earth III, which will arrive in 2022 to the delight of what will either be television relaxation enthusiasts, or just people who want to remember what a rainforest looks like, depending on how the next few years go. Similarly, Frozen Planet II will show up in 2021, in what will hopefully not serve as a multi-episode in memorium sequence for the humble polar ice cap.


In addition to the two established series, BBCA will also debut One Planet: Seven Worlds, a seven-part Attenborough-voiced series with each episode focusing on a single continent and the ways and reasons its wildlife has diverged.

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