Kelly Rohrbach (Photo: Getty Images)

The oft-criticized glut of reboots and long-gestating sequels includes a Baywatch movie, which recently shifted gears from a parody with potential (it would have starred Bill Hader) to a hunkier update of the slow-motion montages of yesteryear starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Zac Efron, whose pecs never met a shirt they did like, will assist Johnson in scanning the waves for swimmers in distress while in various states of undress—at least, that’s what we’re guessing he meant when he described the project as “R-rated and badass.”

Johnson, who could probably double as a life raft in a pinch, will figuratively step into David Hasselhoff’s trunks to play series stalwart Mitch Buchannon, who supervised the rescuing and frolicking for over 10 years. And according to Variety, the return of C.J. Parker is also imminent, as model-actress Kelly Rohrbach has just been cast in the lifeguard role made famous by Pamela Anderson. She’ll be joined by San Andreas’ Alexandra Daddario, whom we recently reported would also don the iconic red swimsuit. Daddario is taking on the role of Summer, a lifeguard played by Nicole Eggert in the original series, who will date Efron’s “aerobicized life saver”.


Johnson has already shared a video of himself running slowly alongside Rohrbach, just in case you were worried either of them lacked the chops/strides to succeed Hasselhoff and Anderson. Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses) is attached to direct the film, which has already undergone a couple of rewrites. But the latest drafts suggest the movie will follow a “comedic route.” We never would have guessed.