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Illustration for article titled iBatwoman/is Ruby Rose shares gruesome surgery video after stunt injuries almost left her paralyzed
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Doing action stunts is pretty scary, since professionals occasionally get terribly injured and even famously unbreakable stars like Tom Cruise sometimes break bones while doing seemingly straightforward stunts. Ruby Rose evidently got a lesson in how scary stuntwork can be, posting on Instagram that she had to undergo “emergency surgery” a few months ago after she “herniated two discs doing stunts.” Rose says she was in “chronic pain” and yet couldn’t feel her arms, and doctors told her she was in danger of becoming paralyzed. Rose didn’t say in her post if the injuries happened while filming Batwoman (which premieres on The CW on October 6), but it seems likely.


Anyway, you know what’s scarier than doing dangerous action stunts that could leave you paralyzed? The internet. Without the internet, a story like that could be left up to your imagination and we could move on with our lives, but thanks to the wonder of Instagram, Rose was able to post a video of the doctors actually performing the surgery that saved her spine. She says she wanted to see what happens after patients go under (and also “Did you not watch that Grey’s Anatomy episode where they left a towel in a patient??”), but all that matters is that the video is fucking gross as hell and nobody should ever watch it. Here it is in bold: Do not watch this video because it’s fucking gross as hell. If you want to watch the video, do so at your own risk. For the rest of us (or if you need a palate cleanser after ignoring our very explicit instructions), we’ve included a 10-hour cut of “Lisa needs braces” that should take the edge off. Watch it for as long as you need to.

[via Deadline]

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