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Battlestar's Ronald D. Moore also has an idea for a show about the Coast Guard

Even in the wake of Caprica’s cancellation, majestically maned Battlestar Galactica producer Ronald D. Moore is on a roll lately, shaking loose spec scripts from his head like so many high-tensile-strength chestnut follicles. In addition to his recent success selling ideas for a Harry Potter-esque “adult wizards” show, a remake of Wild Wild West, and a synergistic smorgasbord set within Disney's Magic Kingdom, he’s also just sold NBC an action-adventure series that takes place in the world of the Coast Guard, following the lives of the many men and women working aboard the fictional cutter The McCulloch. The show would be named The McCulloch, as opposed to Drama Boat. As The Hollywood Reporter notes, Moore has “experience with shows based on wandering vessels” thanks to his time on Battlestar and Star Trek, although The McCulloch could be an unusually expensive proposition for NBC because of its water-based shoots. However, they can do stuff on computers these days.


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