Battlestar Galactica

Utilizing the little-known one-in, one-out rule that keeps low-budget genre series supplied with a healthy flow of former Battlestar Galactica performers (the better to draw sci-fi-loving audiences in and keep the streets of Vancouver clear of stray Tahmohs Penikett), Tricia Helfer has been added to the cast of the Playstation Network superhero series Powers. The retired Cylon will play FBI Special Agent Lange, a foil and possible love interest for Sharlto Copley’s former superhero-turned-detective Christian Walker. (She’ll be partially replacing her old BSG co-star Michelle Forbes.)

Powers is expected to come back for its second season some time next year, to the delight of everyone who turns to the Playstation Network as a bulwark of TV goodness. Michael Madsen has also joined the cast as an aging superhero, and we can only assume that Michael Hogan and Jamie Bamber are sitting by their phones, waiting to tag in the moment Helfer’s run on the show is done.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]