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Illustration for article titled emBattleship/em director Peter Berg implores Israeli reporter to join the army, motherfucker

Peter Berg's forthcoming Battleship stresses the importance of military service, should the world otherwise fall victim to insurgent aliens attacking in a pattern vaguely related to a board game. But not everyone shares Berg's dedication. Here the director takes time out of a Middle Eastern publicity jaunt to confront an Israeli journalist, laying out his concerns about Iran and making his case for why Israel should attack them before they attain nuclear capabilities—"the most serious issue facing our planet today, more so than the movie Battleship," Berg generously allows—only to discover, to his surprise, that the reporter had not yet served in the military, as required of all Israeli citizens and anyone who understands the importance of kicking ass, Taylor Kitsch-style.

"What? Are you a draft dodger?" Berg asks, pressing the reporter on why he'd yet to answer the call of duty so ably fake-performed by heroes like Rihanna, which the reporter laughs off with, "We're not having this conversation." "You gotta join the army, motherfucker," Berg concludes, speaking from his extensive military experience of playing a soldier in A Midnight Clear and directing The Kingdom. Berg's statement serves as both an imperative to preserving our fragile peace against hostile nations and alien robots, and as a fitting thesis statement for Battleship itself, a movie from which all draft-dodging Israelis could learn a lesson. [via The Huffington Post]

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