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Back in February, the EDM producer Marshmello held a live, in-game concert in Fortnite. Depending on your point of view (and, let’s be honest, age) this was either a monumental convergence of two massive bits of cultural phenomena, or absolutely bewildering. Certainly there is something intriguing about the idea of a live performance from a real-world artist held in a shared online space, so what if, instead of a DJ whose main rival is a chicken restaurant and a game for shrieking children, there was a similar experience for mature, refined adults? What if Korn played a live show in an obscure MMORPG that’s only available on mobile and PC?

Tonight, per Consequence of Sound, the OG nu-metal legends will be doing just that. For one night only, Korn will appear at “sundown ET” in both AdventureQuest 3D and AdventureQuest Worlds. According to a press release from developer Artix, “The band will play onstage while you fight monsters, score loot, and hear a new song from Korn’s upcoming album The Nothing.”


The game is free-to-play and all players, even new characters, will be gifted a “magic ticket” to the event. For a handful of real-world dollars, however, you have the option of buying a VIP package which includes a “virtual backstage pass” where your avatar will get the chance to interact with a virtual Jonathan Davis, Fieldy, Munky, and, of course, Head.

AdventureQuest 3D, seemingly the latest installment in the AdventureQuest series, has no professional reviews listed on Metacritic for either PC or mobile platforms. Users on the website MMOs.com gave the game an average 2.71 out of five stars. For gamers of a certain age, however, this intersection of music and game probably represents your best chance at recreating long-ago summer nights spent grinding Everquest and drinking a two-liter of Surge directly from the bottle.

If hearing Jonathan Davis scat while grinding cell-shaded monsters for loot sounds like a good time to you, you should download a copy of AdventureQuest, create a character, and we guess figure out what time the sun goes down on the east coast tonight.

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