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Batmen suit up in new supercut of the caped crusader

The call goes out, the signal lights up the sky, and Batman is ready to go. Well, almost. First there’s the putting on of tights, then the cowl and the cape; not to mention that all of those wonderful toys and batarangs have got to go somewhere. And that utility belt isn’t going to just magically apply itself. The point is, when it comes to suiting up to fight crime in Gotham, the whole thing is kind of a big to-do. Now a new supercut from Pablo Fernández Eyre shows how all of the different Batmen over the years have dealt with assembling their costumes, from the pointy ears down to their codpieces.

This supercut pulls from most of the dark knight’s adventures on the big screen, though there’s a notable absence of the ’40s quasi-racist Batman, Adam West’s pop art crusader, and anything from the animated adventures of Batman in the DCAU. But, even with those exclusions, the video is still an interesting composite of the tastes of Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher, Christopher Nolan, and Zack Snyder. Not only does the video highlight how each filmmaker approached designing the suit and how it would be incorporated for use by the hero, but it also reflects the tones of the films and eras in which they were made. So suit up with Batman; batnipples, of course, remain optional.


Batman getting ready from whoispablo on Vimeo.

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