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Batman V Superman’s Ultimate Edition gets bonus scenes, possibly more interesting

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice - Ultimate Edition

When Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice was released in theaters back in March, it divided moviegoers roughly in half: people who were disappointed by it and people who could not bring themselves to admit that they were disappointed by it. When it was later announced that Warner Bros. would be releasing Zack Snyder’s three-hour Ultimate Edition, opinions were split again: there were those who hoped that the additional 30 minutes of footage would somehow fix all of the problems with the theatrical cut and people who thought, “Ugh, do we really have to sit through this all over again?”

Now that the Ultimate Edition has officially been released, it’s time for everyone to take personal stock of their tolerance for solemn slogs and decide whether they’re up for sitting through this all over again. Perhaps realizing that this would be a difficult decision for many people, the studio has shared the first 10 minutes of the longer, potentially better version online for free. You can watch them right here:

There’s not a whole lot of new footage on display in these early minutes, though the beginning of the film was really the least of people’s issues. New to the film as a whole are, among other things, Jena Malone’s excised scientist character and an entire narrative arc about Clark Kent investigating Batman. Early reviews of the Ultimate Edition seem to indicate a moderate improvement over the original, which is welcome news (if faint praise). But it’s difficult to imagine that an additional half hour will somehow make Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of Lex Luthor more menacing, or the “Martha” motif less silly.


If the 10 minutes above still seems like a little bit too much of a time commitment for scorned viewers, here’s a 90-second trailer for the extended cut:

[via Cinema Blend]

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