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Batman/Superman movie may have Girls' Adam Driver, definitely has a costume Kevin Smith likes

It was reported on Friday that the producers of Batman In Da Front, Superman To The Left (or whatever) were searching for a “young John Hawkes” type to play the Nightwing version of Dick Grayson, and carry on the sort of bitter, estranged relationship with Batman that Hawkes has with Danny McBride on Eastbound And Down, presumably. Now The Wrap reports that the “young John Hawkes” type may actually be Girls star Adam Driver, and suddenly that descriptor makes a lot more sense. While Driver is, for now, only rumored to be the frontrunner for the role, he does have an impressive growing résumé of films ranging from Lincoln to Inside Llewyn Davis, and as a former Marine, he’s certainly got the necessary physical build to hold his own as a superhero. As seen on Girls, he’s also pretty good at being a Dick.

As the sequel continues to see Justice League characters intruding on Batman and Superman’s intimate night, director Zack Snyder says he’ll also try to find room for some villains in there—specifically Lex Luthor, as has long been speculated, but never officially confirmed. But now Luthor’s presence has been alluded to in a conversation with Kevin Smith—as official a confirmation as one can get for a major comic-book movie—while Smith also bragged that he got to see his old buddy Ben Affleck in his Batman costume, saying he was so happy about it, he “instantly bear hugged” Snyder. And though that maybe doesn’t sound that great for Zack Snyder, Smith promised on one of his podcasts (via The Playlist) that everyone else will be thrilled:

You have not seen this costume in film before. Because every other movie has done this Matrix-y black armor thing… There wasn't a single nipple on this fucking suit, man. I think everyone is gonna be like 'Holy shit! We haven't been down this path before.' Even the hardest-core 'fuck this movie' person will be like, 'All right, I'm ready!'"


Of course, if the hardest-core “fuck this movie” person still isn’t swayed, even by the promise Batman wearing a new costume, perhaps the film will just have to convince them with something else. Such as its lighting, or possibly the script.

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