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Assembling a perfect franchise movie from the building blocks of separate kits, Warner Bros. has revealed that the upcoming Lego: The Piece Of Resistance—the previously announced live-action/Lego hybrid based on the popular American toy/Danish food—will also feature the long-awaited movie team-up between Batman and Superman, albeit in Lego form. Variety reports that directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have already cast Chris Pratt as the film's lead, "an ordinary, law-abiding, Lego mini-figure" who finds himself swept up in a Lego fellowship on a quest to stop an evil tyrant from gluing the universe together, sort of like the universe's dick older brother. Now they're pursuing their 21 Jump Street collaborator Channing Tatum to stop starring in everything long enough to voice the role of Superman alongside Will Arnett, who is set to bring his usual gravelly, ironic gravitas to the role of Batman. The 2014 film should precede the studio's proposed Justice League movie in finally getting Batman and Superman together on screen, creating yet another alternate, Earth-Lego version of the characters that we're going to start insisting is the primary timeline, just to piss everyone off. So enjoy your precious Dark Knight Rises, even though it's basically Elseworld fiction that totally ignores Lego canon, snort.


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