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“Batlexander Manilton” is the Batman/Hamilton mashup that Gotham deserves

Illustration for article titled “Batlexander Manilton” is the Batman/iHamilton/i mashup that Gotham deserves

Hamilton is the nerdy but cool musical breaking through to audiences who enjoy its non-traditional hip-hop retelling of a founding father. Its success has led to crossbreeding with all sorts of things: Star Trek, The Room, even Space Jam. And now the Dark Knight has entered the fray with “Batlexander Manilton” from comedy group Turtle Cameron (Phil Hamilton, Sam Clarke, and Ian Cardoni). The video finds Commissioner Gordon, The Joker, Alfred, and others (including the Caped Crusader himself) depicting the beginnings of Batman and his burgeoning war on crime.

The lyrics work pretty well (okay, except for that “Batlexander Manilton” part—that’s a tad clunky), and do a good job of mirroring the same progression as “Alexander Hamilton” from the musical. It’s interesting how well the story of Bruce Wayne maps onto Hamilton’s own origins, from being orphaned into finding himself beset on multiple sides by enemies, to forging a new path in a system that can no longer work. Plus all of the voices are dead on and the video itself is very engaging to listen to. The mashup has already received approval from Hamilton wunderkind Lin-Manuel Miranda:


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