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Bath And Body Works is bringing back six of its classic ’90s scents

(Image by: Flickr)

Anyone who went to middle school in the ’90s remembers the scents that stunk up many a locker room, hallway, bus, and cafeteria: Cucumber Melon. Country Apple. Pearberry. If somebody cracked open a bottle of Bath And Body Works lotion down the block, all of their neighbors could smell it. That shit was weapons grade.

And now it’s coming back, as Bath And Body Works jumps on the ’90s nostalgia bandwagon with its #FlashbackFragrance campaign. The company is re-releasing six of its discontinued fragrances from the decade, including White Tea & Ginger, Plumeria, and Juniper Breeze as well as the aforementioned Cucumber Melon, Pearberry, and Country Apple. According to fashion site Refinery 29, the new lotions and body sprays and whatnot will have updated packaging, but “the overall essence” of the fragrances will remain. Whether they’ll still be powerful enough to knock over passerby from 15 yards remains to be seen, so maybe wear a gas mask if you don’t want to be assaulted with olfactory memories when the collection hits stores on June 8.


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