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Bates Motel gets live after-show presumably so America can order fresh set of towels

Since it has become impossible for human beings to fully consume a television show without a breezy panel discussion following it, A&E’s Bates Motel will get its own live after-show following its premiere on March 3. Coming from the same company that produced Talking Dead and Talking Bad, Bates Motel: After Hours will bring together the show’s principle cast, along with the show’s executive producers, so they can introduce the second season with banter about the episode fans just watched while also fielding their questions. Of course, these questions will likely be focused on the everyday minutia of running a motel, such as how the staff knows when a room needs fresh towels or how they keep the vending machines from running out of Snickers, but there may be questions about the actual show, too.


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